Capital Interior Contractors, Inc.
3201-A Rosedale Avenue
Richmond, VA 23230
Phone: (804) 353-1447
FAX: (804) 353-2530

Capital Interior Contractors, Inc. is bonded and insured, with a Dunn & Bradstreet AAA 1 rating and a current EMR of .69.

Tommy J. West
E-mail: twest@capitalint-contractors.com

Vice President of Sales
Carter G. Baldwin
E-mail: cbaldwin@capitalint-contractors.com

Project Manager
Todd B. Hammond
E-mail: thammond@capitalint-contractors.com

Vice President
Carl C. Moorman, Jr.
E-mail: info@capitalint-contractors.com

Accounting/Benefits Manager
Deborah Y. Horner
E-mail: dhorner@capitalint-contractors.com